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Sjogren's Acronym

Posted on Wed, Jun 12, 2013

describe the imageThis Sjögren's acronym was sent to the Foundation by a member's husband. He wrote this for his wife during Sjögren's awareness month in April and has allowed us to share it.

S- So dry – both my mouth and my eyes
j- Just feel miserable, much of the time
ö- Only others with Sjögren’s really understand what it’s like
g- Goggles, eye drops, gels, mints – I must’ve tried them all
r- Restasis – one magic medicine that can help
e- Every once in a while, a good day!
n- Never gonna’ give up, no matter how I feel
s- So tired, so sore, but tomorrow might be better!

Having positive support can be very important when living with a chronic illness. The Foundation encourages you to join a local support group, become a member of the Foundation or comment on blog posts and connect with others here.

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